The Oceànografic of Valencia is one of the most important points of the city. It is the largest aquarium in Europe with an area of about 110,000 square meters. If you are planning a visit to the City of Sciences, you can also visit this place, as it is just 1 minute walk away.

We can find different marine habitats, seas and oceans, and it is estimated that in its interior inhabit about 45,000 underwater specimens covering about 500 different species.

Getting there by car can be difficult, due to the limited parking available in the area. Therefore, the best option is to stay in our Opera House Valencia accommodation, which is located just 20 minutes walk from the Oceanogràfic.


What to see at the Oceanogràfic?

As we advance in our tour we will visit the different areas. Starting with the Mediterranean Sea ecosystem, where we will be able to observe the marine diversity of the temperate seas. Continuing with our visit, we will get to know the fauna and flora of the Arctic and Antarctic oceans, learning even more about life in these inhospitable places. We will also find specific areas of tropical seas and islands with native species. 

As a final highlight, we will visit the Dolphinarium, where we will not only be able to see them in their natural habitat, but we will also be able to witness the innumerable capabilities of these aquatic mammals in a dolphin show.

What is the entrance fee to the Oceanográfic?

The general rate to access the Oceanogràfic is 31,30€. You can also access the reduced rate of 23,30€, including a special group discount of 20,60€. You can also pay for a 4D Cinema supplement of 3 €, to live a much more complete experience.

Book now your tickets for the Oceànografic and enjoy one of the most exciting experiences in Valencia.

What are the opening hours of the Oceanogràfic?

The general opening hours to access the Oceanogràfic are from 10:00h to 18:00h, although on Saturdays the opening hours are extended, covering from 10:00h to 20:00h. In winter, as it is low season, the opening hours are reduced from 10:00h to 17:00h.

Although it is open most of the time, there are some exceptions. Through the official website of the Oceànografic you can check the schedule in the form of a calendar. If any day is marked in red, this means that it will not be open.

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